College Football Power Rankings (Week Twelve)

1. (Last Week: 2) Oregon
The Ducks have a much tougher road ahead than K-State or Notre Dame.

2. (3) Kansas State
The Wildcats are on cruise control. They are very lucky there is no Big 12 Championship Game.

3. (4) Notre Dame
I got to see Notre Dame in person on Saturday. They are very good across the board.

4. (1) Alabama
Alabama lost!

5. (5) LSU

6. (6) FSU
FSU vs. LSU would be an awesome match up.

7. (7) Georgia
Georgia’s next two games are against Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech. They should score about 120 points in the two games.

8. (8) Clemson

9. (9) Ohio State
They are 10-0 but I don’t know if they would be in the title picture if they were eligible.

10. (10) Florida
The Gators have played their last four games in Florida and will play their next two in the state.

11. (11) Oklahoma

12. (15) Texas A&M
The Aggies are soaring under Kevin Sumlin.

13. (13) South Carolina

14. (14) Stanford
You can bet Notre Dame fans will be rooting very hard for Stanford this Saturday against Oregon.

15. (17) Nebraska

16. (18) USC
If USC does not finish strong against two very good teams, they will finish 7-5.

17. (20) UCLA
You can bet UCLA would like to help get USC to five losses.

18. (12) Louisville
The Cardinals’ defense is not nearly as good as I expected coming into the season.

19. (21) Kent State

20. (24) Michigan
Michigan has not lost at home.

21. (16) Oregon State

22. (25) Rutgers
They have the inside track to the Big East championship, but they have to go 3-0 over a tough upcoming stretch.

23. (Not Ranked) Washington
Washington is the best four loss team in the country.

24. (NR) Cincinnati
The Bearcats have lost two games by a combined nine points.

25. (NR) Texas


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