College Football Power Rankings (Week Thirteen)

1. (Last Week: 3) Notre Dame
They are the only remaining eligible unbeaten. USC will aim to change that.

2. (4) Alabama
The Tide didn’t have to wait long to get back into the top two.

3. (1) Oregon
The Ducks had their chances against Stanford, but a win wasn’t in the cards.

4. (5) FSU
In my opinion, FSU is underrated. They can change that with a convincing win over Florida.

5.(6) LSU
The Tigers won ugly this weekend.

6. (7) Georgia

7. (8) Clemson
Clemson has not played a close game since September. Why are they not in the AP Top 10!!?

8. (14) Stanford
They took Notre Dame to overtime. They beat Oregon in overtime.

9. (9) Ohio State
They are good. But who cares?

10. (2) Kansas State
Are you kidding me? Top two teams are not supposed to get blown out by teams with losing records.

11. (10) Florida.

12. (12) Texas A&M

13. (11) Oklahoma
Sometimes 50 points barely cuts it. Oklahoma won 50-49.

14. (13) South Carolina
They struggled against Wofford (?).

15. (17) UCLA
Jim Mora’s first year with UCLA has been a roaring success.

16. (15) Nebraska

17. (18) Louisville

18. (19) Kent State
The MAC is good this year.

19. (20) Michigan
They played both Notre Dame and Alabama earlier this year.

20. (21) Oregon State

21. (22) Rutgers
They sure do play good defense.

22. (23) Washington
They did beat Stanford…

23. (25) Texas

24. (16) USC
This has been a rough season for the Trojans. Ruining Notre Dame’s season would make it a little better.

25. (Not Ranked) Northwestern


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