Five Ideas To Improve College Basketball

I LOVE college basketball. For me, it beats out college football, the NBA, the NFL, or any other sport as entertainment. The pageantry, the emotion, the fans, and of course, March Madness. What’s not to love? Well, a few things. Just because college hoops is awesome doesn’t make it perfect. Here are five ideas to make college basketball even better.

1. Fix the charge call

I am not a fan of charges. In my opinion, they should only be handed out when an offensive player is totally out of control and smashes into a defender. The very term “drawing a charge” bothers me. It suggests that charge calls are determined by what a defender is doing–not what the offensive player who is being called for a foul is doing. Still, I can put up with charge calls if they are called consistently, or at least semi-consistently (as is done in the NBA…sometimes). But, in college, the success rate of charge calls is remarkably low. Not only is it a stupid rule, but it is being administered poorly. The NCAA needs to reteach how charges should be called to all its refs, and stress the importance of consistency, if they are not going to get rid of the call altogether.

2. Shorten the shot clock to 30 seconds

The 35 second shot clock is a relic of the past (originally there was resistance to implementing a shot clock in college hoops) and 35 seconds is too damn long! To increase the pace of the game the shot clock should be shortened to 30 seconds. There is no good reason why the shot clock in women’s college basketball should be shorter than in men’s.

3. Switch from a ten second violation to an eight second violation

This kinda goes along with #2, but I see no downside to forcing teams to get the ball up court quicker. It might even add a little excitement to the game.

4. Force Northwestern to replace their court

Seriously, that thing is UGLY. If you haven’t seen it take a look…and try not to gouge your eyes out:

5. Get Charles Barkley and Dick Vitale together for broadcasts

This is out of the NCAA’s hands and in the hands of TNT and ESPN. Both announcers have said that they would be willing to do it. How awesome would it be to have the two most entertaining basketball analysts together on a broadcast?



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