MLB 2013 Preview: Overview

At long last, baseball season has arrived! As the players button their uniforms and hit in the batting cages, the fans awaken from their winter slumber to notice that the teams they know and love have changed in significant ways. In search of answers, they scour the internet for information and predictions for the following season. This, hopefully, will be their savior.

In the following posts, I am going to break down each division, from AL East to NL West, team by team, and try to foresee the outcomes of this 2013 season. Any feedback is much appreciated, and I apologize if your favorite team is crucified (my favorite team happens to be the Mets, which gives you an idea of the disappointments I am used to from them).

First, I’d like to breakdown my predictions of who will win the major awards of the season. Brief reasoning will follow each prediction.

AL Awards

Mike Trout (LAA)- AL MVP

Trout is a phenomenal talent who won 2012 Rookie of the Year honors and who led the league in runs (129) as well as in Wins Above Replacement (10.7). In my opinion, Trout should have beaten out Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera for 2012 MVP, but he did not. That is why he will come back with a chip on his shoulder, using 2013 to prove that the sportswriters chose the wrong man last year and guaranteeing they won’t make that mistake again.

Justin Verlander (DET)- AL Cy Young


Seeing how he eliminated any of Jordany Valdespin’s possible children already this year, watch out, MLB!

Verlander of course won both this award and the MVP award in 2011, when he went 24-5 with 250 K’s. He followed that incredible year with a similarly stellar year in 2012, but was slighted of the Cy Young last year when young Rays ace David Price won. Having won both an AL pennant and Kate Upton (lucky jerk…) last year, Verlander likely isn’t that concerned with winning the award again, but I predict he will come roaring back, bringing the CY Young award back to Detroit.

Andrew McCutchen (PIT)- NL MVP

He's already gotten off to a good start this year...

He’s already gotten off to a good start this year…

Last year, McCutchen got off to a great first half, batting .362 with 18 home runs and 6o RBI, leading the Pirates to 16 games over .500 as late as August 8th. Unfortunately, as McCutchen declined, so did the Pirates- He finished batting .327, they finished 79-83. McCutchen still finished 3rd in the NL MVP voting, however, and this year, he will finish first. He will truly embrace the leadership role and, entering his prime, lead the Pirates to their first winning season in 22 years.

Clayton Kershaw (LAD)- NL Cy Young

Kershaw is a steller young pitcher who obtained the award in 2011 when he was 23 and won the pitching triple crown, leading or tying for the lead league in victories (21), strikeouts (248), and ERA (2.28). Last year, Kershaw led the league in ERA (2.53) and WHIP (1.02) yet lost the award to R.A Dickey, the knuckle-balling oddity now on the Blue Jays. With him gone, the southpaw Dodger will once again make his claim to a Cy Young in 2013. This time, he will win as the Dodgers secure a NL wild card spot utilizing him and his new rotation-mate, Zach Greinke.

That wraps it up for the 2013 MLB award predictions. I’ll be back to predict the 2013 playoff results tomorrow.

Who will lift the trophy this year?!?!?!

Who will lift the trophy this year?!?!?!



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