MLB 2013 Preview: Playoff Picture

Hello once again, baseball fans! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post on who I expect to see win the big awards this year. Today, I’m going to cover how I believe the playoffs will play out, and who will be lifting the World Series Trophy in November.

Today will just be who I think will be in the playoffs and who will win each series; the next posts coming over several days will cover each division in more depth.

Divisional and Wild Card Winners

AL East- Toronto Blue Jays

AL Central– Detroit Tigers

AL West- Los Angeles Angels

AL Wild Card #1- Tampa Bay Rays

AL Wild Card #2-  Cleveland Indians

NL East- Washington Nationals

NL Central- Cincinnati Reds

NL West- San Francisco Giants

NL Wild Card #1- Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Wild Card #2- Atlanta Braves

Wild Card Matches

AL- Cleveland Indians defeat Tampa Bay Rays

NL- Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Atlanta Braves

Divisional Matches

AL- Detroit Tigers defeat Cleveland Indians in 3 games, Los Angeles Angels defeat Toronto Blue Jays in 4 games

NL- Washington Nationals defeat Los Angeles Dodgers in 3 games, San Francisco Giants defeat Cincinnati Reds in 5 games

League Championship Matches

AL- Los Angeles Angels defeat Detroit Tigers in 6 games

NL- San Francisco Giants defeat Washington Nationals in 5 games

World Series

Los Angeles Angels defeat San Francisco Giants in 7 games

Expect to see a new crop of Angels bring home the jewelry this year

Expect to see a new crop of Angels bring home the jewelry this year!



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3 responses to “MLB 2013 Preview: Playoff Picture

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  2. Nice work – we happen to have the same 10 teams in the playoffs (just in a slightly different arrangement) and the same 4 in the ALCS and NLCS. We swear we didn’t copy off your notes (haha)!

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