Thoughts From The Nets-Bulls Game And Other NBA Playoff Musings

D-Will and the Nets cruised by Chicago last night.

D-Will and the Nets cruised by Chicago last night.

Last night, the Nets played their first home playoff game since 2007, back when they played in the Izod Center and started Jason Kidd, Vinsanity, Richard Jefferson and (drum roll please) NBA legends Mikki Moore and Jason Collins (probably the strangest starting lineup in NBA history). I  was in the Barclays Center as the inspired Nets buried a Bulls team that left their jumpshots (and all other skills that produce points or provide resistance to the other team’s scoring efforts) at the team hotel.  Here are my observations and thoughts from that game, and some of the other playoff games thus far.

  • The Bulls didn’t look like their usual selves defensively. The Nets dropped 60 in the first half on Chi-town and made 16 of 20 field goals in the second quarter.
  • Joakim Noah was a non-factor. If he’s not healthy, the Bulls are pretty much sunk.
  • Last night was my first time visiting the Barclays Center and I have to say that I was both impressed and disappointed at the same time. While the arena is technically impressive and the exterior is as cool in-person as it looks in pictures, I do have complaints. For one, the balcony seats are too high up. I understand wanting to give fans a bird’s eye view, but it should not come at the expense of sitting three miles above the court. Also, I’m not a fan of the dimmed lights. I know the theatre-feel is what they are going for, but I want to feel like I am at a basketball game, not a Broadway production. Finally, the concourses were weirdly narrow and crowded. I’ll still take seeing a game at MSG over the Barclays Center any day of the week.
  • But hey, they gave out free t-shirts and light-up wristbands at the game, which makes me a Nets fan for life.
  • Switching over to the NBA in general, the Celtics gave the Knicks a good shot in the first game of the playoffs, but horrid shooting did the C’s in. I maintain that this will be a killer series reminiscent of the Celtics-Bulls series in 2009. (This one.)
  • If yesterday’s thriller between Denver and Golden State was any indication, that could be a great series too.
  • With his triple double today in the Pacers’ win over Atlanta ,  Paul George emphatically announced his arrival to the land of NBA superstardom. When he is plays this well, the Pacers can beat any team in the league.
  • The hobbled Spurs bumbled by the even more hobbled Lakers today. The Spurs won handily despite shooting under 38% from the field.


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