Previewing A Huge Night Of NBA Basketball

At this point, the initial taste of the NBA playoffs is over and the fun is in full swing. Last night the Oklahoma City Thunder celebrated the hump day by outlasting the feisty Rockets in game two of their series. Soon after, the Indiana Pacers finished spanking the Hawks. Frank Vogel’s physical Pacers team was once again the beneficiary of a huge outing from Paul George as they now hold a 2-0 lead over ATL. As for last night’s late game, it wasn’t any shocker as the Spurs blew by the Kobe-less Lakers.

The Bucks and Heat will start out the merriment tonight in Milwaukee with the Bucks in serious trouble (down 0-2). But let’s be honest, no one thought that the Bucks were going to come into American Airlines Arena in Miami and beat the mighty Heat. For my prediction from before the series to work out, the Bucks will need to ride their fans at home in games three and four. It will be interesting to watch.

My personal favorite series right now is the one between the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls. The series, currently tied at 1-1, saw two wildly different games in Brooklyn. Brooklyn pounded Chi-town in game one. In game two however, Joe Johnson was terrible and Deron Williams was several steps worse than that (the two combined to go 7-27 from the field) as the Nets fell. The series moves to the “Madhouse on Madison” tonight for game three. While Chicago may be at home, I fully expect the Nets to play great basketball–Joe Johnson and Deron Williams, like the stars that they are, will come back with great games. Chicago better match that.

The late game tonight is game three of that series between the Memphis Grizzlies and the LA Clippers. Through two games, the Clippers lead 2-0. Memphis has been a very good home team recently. They need a win tonight if they want a barnburner of a series like the one they found themselves in last season.

So there you have it. These three games, each the third in their respective series’, won’t disappoint (three is, after all, the magic number).


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