A Few Brief Notes On The Four NBA Playoff Games Tonight

Four NBA playoff games? One Friday night? Count me in!

Eight NBA teams will hit the hardwood tonight to take part in NBA playoff games. Here are a few scattered thoughts on the games:

  • The Hawks, who trail the Pacers 3-2, have gotten blown out in all three games in Indianapolis, but are a perfect 2-0 at home, where they play tonight. Is it just me or do the Hawks do this lose on the road, win at home thing every year?
  • I have a good feeling that between the Rockets and the Celtics, one team will force a game seven after trailing 3-0.
  • The Thunder need more production from Kevin Martin. He is shooting 30% in the playoffs.
  • Reggie Jackson needs to be better too. Reggie has got to be efficient and has to stay out of foul trouble.
  • Winning in Memphis is a tall task for the Clippers tonight, but they need to in order to extend the series. I guess that’s what happens when you lose three in a row. Blake Griffin is still questionable tonight and that should scare Clippers fans. Look for Chris Paul to come out super aggressive like he did in game five.
  • While I’m happy that there are four games tonight, I just wish they were staggered so I could watch all of them. Oh well. 😦
  • It will be interesting to see which announcers ESPN puts on each game. Fingers crossed for Hubie on the Celtics-Knicks game!

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