Notes Taken During Tonight’s Mets Game By A Pseudo Baseball Fan

My opinion is that the New York Mets are not on national TV enough. At least not for a Mets fan in Massachusetts like myself. But, ESPN gave me a chance to watch the floundering and bumbling 2013 Mets tonight from the comfort of my living room. I only watched the first 50 minutes or so before switching over to the Heat-Pacers game–I’ll be honest, I am a crummy baseball fan–but here are some of the thoughts that passed through my head as I watched the end of Baseball Tonight and the beginning of the Mets’ game with the Atlanta Braves:

  • In watching the Baseball Tonight pregame show I am once again reminded how arrogant and volatile MLB umps are. Seriously, in what other sport do the officials take such gleeful joy in ejecting players and coaches? Even the NBA’s Joey Crawford, who is renowned for his desire to be the center of attention, doesn’t compare to some MLB umps. These guys will get in the faces of players and coaches and yell their heads off. It strikes me as unprofessional.
  • Dan Shulman just called the Mets the “Metropolitans”. Hilarious.
  • Citi Field is totally empty. I mean like 8% full empty. #metsfanssukkkk #butwhocanblamethemthisteamisajoke
  • On-field interview with Brian McCann right before the opening pitch??? NICE.
  • The Braves’ jerseys have a very nice, timeless look. I like them a lot.
  • The Mets’ are nice too. Could use a bit more orange.
  • What happened to the k-zone thing they used to have up at all times? And when did they stop using it? Feel free to answer if you know, readers!
  • Shaun Marcum is apparently only 31. He looks like he is at least 40.
  • Ahh, Ike Davis is playing. Yay?
  • Jeez, Marcum is working slowly.
  • Mets turn a super-quick double play. Ike Davis managed to catch a horrible throw from Ruben Tejada. See, he’s not useless!
  • Justin Upton just got gassed by an 86 mph fastball.
  • Ugly strikeout from Upton. He’s apparently leading the NL in homers. Who knew? I bet dbc482 and harvardfan94 did.
  • And…ESPN points out that Ike Davis is 2 for his last 44 at the plate!
  • Sounds like Citi Field is playing “I’m Shipping Up To Boston”. I’m insulted. Then again, I was insulted when the Red Sox started using it. BC football was the first!
  • Rick Ankiel looks grumpy. As always.
  • I’m hungry.
  • High pop up from David Wright and Dan Uggla drops it. Well done, sir.
  • The announcers keep saying weird things about the drop. Shulman thinks it had to do with the color of the sky.
  • David Wright’s stolen base is nullified by batter interference and he has to go back to first. 😦
  • Duda strikes out to end the first. Poo.
  • The Braves have three guys in their lineup hitting under .200. Pitcher Julio Teheran isn’t one of them.
  • Marcum plunks Dan Uggla. Plunk…what a weird word.
  • The camera pans over Citi Field to show it is still empty! ESPN wants to make sure that everyone watching knows how bad this crowd is.
  • David Wright makes a nice catch, throws to first and maybe would have had a double play if not for Ike Davis missing the throw. Uggla moves to second and D-Wright gets the error for the throw. Dang.
  • B.J. Upton is batting .151. Still better than Ike Davis!
  • Since when can you be batting .150 50 games into the season and still be getting PT? This is most definitely not the steroidey MLB I used to love.
  • B.J. strikes out. Stunner.
  • Switched to TNT to discover that the hoops game started a while ago. It’s only 8:38. Game must have started pretty close to when it was supposed to.
  • Some ads I don’t really get. Like the motorcycle one for Safeco Insurance. The old lady seems nice though…
  • Watching TNT for the moment, it looks like the Pacers have color-coordinated the arena for the game. They did a pretty good job too.
  • Back to ESPN where John Buck is up. He lines out to center. Watching the Mets hit kinda sucks.
  • Ike’s up. I like Ike. His batting average is .148 though.
  • First two pitches to Ike are balls. Catcher runs out to the mound. Probably saying something like “just throw strikes, Davis can’t hit”.
  • 3-0 count. This would be like walking the pitcher. Except worse. (I kid, sorta.)
  • Two strikes fill the count.
  • And Ike walks. Yikes…
  • John Kruk praises Ike Davis for walking. He literally didn’t swing the bat though.
  • Two on, two out, bottom of the second. But this like the bottom of the ninth as far as I’m concerned. I’m about to switch to basketball.
  • Marcum is up. His batting average is higher than Ike’s. Of course.
  • He strikes out and ESPN shows a great shot of the NYC skyline. I’m out!


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4 responses to “Notes Taken During Tonight’s Mets Game By A Pseudo Baseball Fan

  1. Greg

    This is humorous indeed

  2. Farewhetherfan

    This post is hilarious. Please keep ’em coming.

  3. Pete

    did not expect to see a Mets blog when I came here. excellent!! coming back.

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