Takeaways From Game One Of The Finals

Here are a bunch of unrelated notes following last night’s 92-88 Spurs win in game one of the NBA Finals:

  • That game was awesome. Worth staying up for. Which brings me to an important point: the 9:00 starts are beyond lame. Too damn late.
  • I don’t feel particularly good about my pick today.
  • Lebron’s gotta take it to the hoop more. Four freethrows? Are you kidding me? Lebron notched a triple double and snagged 18 boards, but he still wasn’t Lebron last night. If he doesn’t start taking it to the hoop and getting his field goal attempts number up (he attempted 16 field goals last night–one more than Dwyane Wade and the same number as Bosh) the Heat could be in trouble.
  • Mike Miller could be a big factor in this series. Yeah, Mike Miller. He was in at crunch time last night and finished with Miami’s best +/-.
  • Tony Parker is a freak.
  • Danny Green continues to play better than Manu.
  • The Heat managed to outrebound San Antonio last night. If they can continue to do so, that could be huge.
  • This series could be a classic. The pace of the game last night was tremendous and the finish was even better. It was some high quality hoop.
  • The officiating last night also was sublime. Big props to the crew.
  • The ABC presentation was top notch too, not that we would expect anything less from ABC, Van Gundy, and Breen. Also, they’ve got a new intro video for the Finals games this year which I loved.


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2 responses to “Takeaways From Game One Of The Finals

  1. Very nice post. It’s going to be really interesting to see how Lebron responds in game 2. I bet he comes out beast and dominates. It’s unfortunate that it takes a passive game (by lofty standards) and a lot of criticism from the media for him to have to turn it up a couple of notches late in games. It’s not like he didn’t do his part but I think we expect a little more, especially in the 4th quarter, from one of the greatest to ever play the game. Also, you think you could check out my latest blog cuz I would love to know your thoughts. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2013/06/08/michael-jordan-standard/

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