Baseball Games Should Not Last 20 Innings And 5 Other Truths

Today's Mets game at Citi Field was ludicrously long.

Today’s Mets game at Citi Field was ludicrously long.

The innings just kept stacking on top of each other during today’s game between the Miami Marlins and the New York Mets. 11 innings, then 12, then 13. As each scoreless inning passed by, spectators floated out of Citi Field and a crowd that was pathetic to begin with thinned to what seemed like just a few thousand fans. I was among them, enduring as the two clubs traded scoreless innings. The game did mercifully (but sadly for me and the other Mets fans in attendance) come to an end in the 20th inning, as Placido Polanco scored off of an Adeiny Hechavarria single to give the Marlins a 2-1 lead that stood as the final score when the Mets went down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 20th.

Sitting through 20 innings of baseball, especially 20 innings marked by utter offensive futility, is somewhat of a mind numbing experience. I learned today that there is, in fact, a maximum amount of time that I wish to spend in the baseball palace that is Citi Field on one particular day. And it is much closer to three hours than the six and a half hours that today’s game lasted. I feel that, in viewing this eyesore of a baseball game in its entirety, I have uncovered some truths about baseball and the Mets and Marlins. Here they are:

  1. 20 innings is too long for a baseball game. No human being is capable of enjoying such a lengthy, arduous affair. When a game reaches a certain point, the game should either be called a tie or another, more expedient form of declaring a winner should be used. (I don’t really have any suggestions, I just disapprove of the endlessness of a 20 inning baseball game, and I also might just be mad because the Mets lost.)
  2. Marcell Ozuna is awesome. Simply awesome. The dude did a lot to impress me today. Firstly, he showcased his rocket arm on
    Marcell Ozuna is incredibly cool.

    Marcell Ozuna is incredibly cool.

    numerous occasions including a firecracker of a throw that got to home in plenty of time to get Daniel Murphy (attempting to tag on a Marlon Bryd flyout) out in the bottom of the 12th and keep the Marlins afloat. Ozuna also repeatedly acknowledged heckling Mets fans in right field who, by the end of the game, were serenading him with chants pleading that he sign with the Mets. Finally, the 22-year-old put in some work at the plate, going three for eight to give his already solid batting average a small boost (he’s now batting .328). The kid is a stud.

  3. Professional baseball players are really good at fielding. This shouldn’t be that surprising. But, whenever you see a blooper and think wow, I could field as well as some of these guys remember that the Mets and Marlins once played a 20 inning game that featured many nice plays but nary a single error. I think the doughnut in the error column was one of the most impressive stats from today’s marathon of a baseball game.
  4. It is annoying when the ushers are checking tickets for sections that are half empty.
  5. The Mets are comically bad at turning Matt Harvey’s excellent starts into actual wins, but I guess that shouldn’t be that surprising. With one of the worst lineups in baseball, the Mets’ run production has been so bad in Harvey’s last nine starts that Harvey, who has ranged from decent to virtually unhittable (which he appeared to be for the most part in seven solid innings today), has earned only one win over that time span.
  6. The MLB needs to do something about its scoring problem. I know that the Mets and the Marlins represent two of the league’s most inept teams in terms of offensive production, but it really is not acceptable for two teams to be only scoring at a run per-two hour pace in any game. And, as we’ve seen throughout this year, 2013 certainly looks like it will be another year of the pitcher. Pitching doesn’t sell nearly as well as hitting.


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14 responses to “Baseball Games Should Not Last 20 Innings And 5 Other Truths

  1. It’s not like the pitchers in this game (besides Harvey) were all that outstanding; these offenses are simply anemic. It makes you wonder – how the heck did this Mets team sweep a 4 game series from the Yankees a few weeks ago?

    • Absolutely putrid offense.The Mets’ recent success, fleeting though it may have been, is bizarre indeed, although I enjoyed it as a Mets fan.

      • Tell you what, the Mets aren’t as bad as their record would indicate… as beautiful as Citi Field is, it was absolutely the worst kind of park to build for that offense.

      • Haha yes. A lot of their hitters seem to be slumping at the moment which is not helping at all. But, looking on the bright side, Citi is a good park for Harvey and their young rotation.


    Tim – move on to a more interesting series – Blackhawks vs. Bruins.
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  3. When you said that teams are scoring at a run per 2 her pace, is that a real stat? That sounds a lot like a lie

  4. harvardfan94

    I can’t understate how much I disagree with you. Of course baseball games should be able to last 20 innings. And there are many people who are capable of enjoying such games. Extra Innings are great. Would anyone argue that the crazy Louisville-Notre Dame game this year should have been called? Baseball shouldn’t pander to the declining attention spans of everyday Americans. Keep extra innings. And I’m fine with watching pitching duels- and others might be too, considering that those games tend to be shorter.

  5. Anonymous

    The only people who stayed were probably those who write sports blogs. JS

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