Some Disconnected Thoughts About Soccer

It’s been quite a while since I last posted. I’ve been quite busy lately; Tim was away, and I needed to take care of his cats. I don’t feel much like putting together a whole, coherent article, so instead I’ve just put together some disconnected thoughts on the world’s most popular sport, soccer- not football, as the commies across the pond call it.

  • The United States National Team looks like it’s finally coming into form under the oft-criticized Jurgen Klinsmann. The team outplayed Germany in a 4-3 win, with Jozy Altidore scoring a sweet volley. The goal was his first inernational goal from open play in nearly two years. The US was helped by a hilarious own goal by German goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who decided not to touch a back pass, forcing him to chase after the ball as it went crashing into the net. Ter Stegen’s og was the funniest I’ve seen since Robert Green’s against the US in the 2010 World Cup.
  • Can we eliminate whatever the hell the beIN sport network is? It seems to show a ton of US international games, but almost no one gets it, and it has earned a reputation for being amazingly amatuerish. Due to its obscuriy, I was unable to watch the thrilling US-Jamaica World Cup Qualifier. The Americans took the lead through a Jozy Altidore header, but Jamaica equalized. The goalscorer was Jermaine Beckford, who spent his entire life in England, but has vague Jamaican ancestry. Beckford is best known for being an absolute monster is FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.
  • Speaking of FIFA, the gameplay trailer was recently released (for some hilarious commentary on it, and other hilarious FIFA videos, check out KSIOlajidebt’s channel on Youtube). Here’s to hoping that Career Mode sees some improvements in overall realism and player growth, among other areas.
  • It will be interesting to follow the transfer market this summer. Where will Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey, and Eric Lichaj end up? Will David Moyes continues Sir Alex Ferguson’s great transfer tradition at Manchester United? Can Roberto Martinez work magic with a larger budget at Everton? Will Louis Suarez leave Liverpool? And how much money will Man City spend under new manager Manuel Pellegrini?
  • I’ll leave with a thought on the state of Youth Soccer in the US: it sucks. Despite the huge number of kids playing it, it does not appear that this will translate into great American soccer players. The system is designed to stifle creativity, which will likely mean that the national team of the next generation will suffer from the same offensive flaws as all the ones preceeding it. But by far the biggest problem is the parents. I referee youth soccer, and it has really gotten out of hand. I had to be escorted off the field after a recent game because the parents were so out of control (the game also featured a kid getting a yellow card for screaming “fuck” twice at another player). The parents are way too involved, and they take the fun out of the game for both kids and referees. Until parents learn to start acting more like human beings and less like animals, I don’t think that we’ll see an improvement in the state of US youth soccer.

That’s all for now. Keep an eye out for a potential live blog of some soccer games in the future!



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4 responses to “Some Disconnected Thoughts About Soccer

  1. I would NEVER let you take care of my cats haha.

  2. Sam

    I can vouch, Jermaine Beckford is indeed a monster. Also, for reasons that are yet to be determined, I get beIN and it is actually very handy for watching international and La Liga matches.

  3. Unfortunately for soccer and most other sports in America, football and basketball have a near monopoly on the top young athletic talent. All other sports are scrounging for the left overs.

    • Harvardfan94

      I agree with you to a point. It is worth noting that soccer is the most popular youth sport in America. This theoretically should lead to better athletes playing soccer in the future. And even now you get athletic freaks like Jozy Altidore.

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