Manny Tracker: Manny Done In Taiwan

Manny's days in Taiwan are over.

He did look good in that uniform…

Well, that was fun while it lasted. Manny Ramirez’s days in Taiwan have come to an abrupt end and we can only guess as to what the lovable slugger’s next move might be. One thought is that he might be headed to Japan.

While I’m sad that Manny is already done with the EDA Rhinos, and the wonderful announcers who call their games, the good news here is that I can, at least momentarily, rekindle ridiculous dreams of Manny making a comeback to the MLB (the Mets, my favorite team, can use all the hitting they can get… Hey, I can dream, right???).

In a short period of time, we saw our fair share of Manny moments in Taiwan. Now, Manny is moving on.

Expect a new post once Manny makes his next move!



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2 responses to “Manny Tracker: Manny Done In Taiwan

  1. Anonymous

    Dig up some info. What happened?

  2. Apparently his contract was due to end on June 25th and he wanted to spend time with his family, according to ESPN:

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