My Latest Sports Wager

Editor’s Note: The main purpose of this entry is to serve as a reminder to both myself and my brother what the exact details were of a bet we made. When we make bets about events that will occur in the distant future, the eventual result is usually a debate regarding the original specifics of the wager. The publication of this entry shall avoid such a calamity. Therefore, any enjoyment that you, the reader, get out of this post is purely incidental and serves as a bonus to its original purpose.

Over a delectable slice of cheese pizza at the Allston Pizzeria Regina last night, I said, mostly jokingly, to my brother Dan that I thought Boston College’s  basketball team would win more games than the Celtics next winter. I added, “BC will win 24, the Celtics will win 23!”

With a smirk, Dan suggested that we make a bet about it. He even offered me five to one odds. And so I obliged him and made the bet.

I do think BC should be 24 win good next season.

Olivier Hanlan was dynamite as a frosh. He, and BC, should be even better next season.

Olivier Hanlan was dynamite as a frosh. He, and BC, should be even better next season.

Their back court combo of Olivier Hanlan and Joe Rahon, both of whom were only freshmen last year, should be devastating as the duo continues to improve. Hanlan’s development just over the course of his rookie season at The Heights was terrific. By the end of the year, his jump shot had become  an extremely dependable tool and a great add-on to a game that already included a killer first step and great strength around the rim. Hanlan is a bulldog who excels at getting to the line and who drives opponents crazy with his staunch defense.

The term ‘bulldog’ also applies to Rahon, who also is ferocious defensively. Rahon came to BC billed as a shooter, but immediately showed a game that included steady ball handling and good passing. He also proved a steady player in late game situations.

While Hanlan and Rahon may lead BC, many of their sophomores, who will now be juniors, are great and getting better. Forward Ryan Anderson is a rebound machine who, if he can get his J to be more consistent, could be an ACC POY type guy. Another of the Eagles’ bigs, Eddie Odio,  made great strides as a sophomore. His leaping ability is awesome and, with another year of improvement, Odio should be a big time contributor.

If center Dennis Clifford is healthy, BC’s front court will be very strong.

The Eagles also have knockdown shooters like Patrick Heckmann (who also has a really good all-around offensive game) and Lonnie Jackson (who impressed me with his defense this winter) coming back. And then there are two incoming freshman–Darryl Hicks and Garland Owens–who both look like guys who can make immediate impacts.

Having made a jump from 9 to 16 wins the past two years, I think BC will make another big jump this year, even in the loaded ACC.

As for the Celtics being that bad? I’m not so sure. I mean, I don’t think anybody knows what is going on with the Green.

The prevailing opinion, however, does seem to be that the Celtics are probably going to blow up their team and start rebuilding. But no one really has any idea of what the Celtics will look like come next November. I’m hedging on the fact that there is enough of a chance that the Celtics tank next winter to make the bet smart. Or at least that was my process when I made what was probably a foolhardy bet.

I tend to go out on limbs when I make bets with my brothers. This is a perfect example of that. Tell me in the comments if you think I do (or don’t!) have any chance of winning.



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    Tell your big brother that I would like a big blue jug from Blue Line as soon as the Blackhawks wrap this up…..
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