An Ode to Matt Harvey

Hello, baseball fans, and welcome to a change of pace- today, I’m taking time to write a poem about a man who is unquestionably the greatest and most skilled human being to ever grace the face of the planet, Matthew Edward Harvey.

Okay, fine, so that might have been an exaggeration. Still, Harvey has been arguably the best pitcher in the National League this year. He also happens to pitch for my beloved New York Mets, and is only 24 years old. In that vein, I am writing this poem as a tribute to the Mets’ ace, in the hopes that he will see it and appreciate his God-like status to New York fans. If you are moved by the poem, feel free to write your own in the comments. I’d love to hear them!

An Amazin’ Matt

Steps back

Picks the ball

Places in the zone


Gloves pop

Bats splinter

Eyes water


Matt Harvey sweats



Strikes them out


Fastball hot as Cholula

Slider slippery as a slope

Curve like a clock, 12-6

And change like molasses


All fans scream

Mets fans pleased

Others terrified


Harvey came

Harvey saw

Harvey conquered





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5 responses to “An Ode to Matt Harvey

  1. peyton kitty cat
    he is the softest kitty
    peyton kitty cat

    it’s a haiku

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