Reacting To The Stevens Hire


After leading Butler to 166 wins in six seasons, Brad Stevens will take the helm of a rebuilding Celtics team.

In a surprising move, the Boston Celtics have hired Brad Stevens from Butler to replace Doc Rivers as their head coach. Here are a few quick thoughts following the big news:

  • The Celtics played the coaching search pretty close to their chest. I like it, and I like the surprising but smart choice of Stevens.
  • He is a tremendous coach. Beyond the back-to-back visits to the National Title game, Butler consistently played well on both ends of the court during Stevens’ tenure and did not take nights off. They generally improved greatly over the course of the season (except this winter, when they faded a bit).
  • That said, it appears he will be presiding over one of worst teams in the NBA next season. The tank/rebuild must go on! (Unless Danny Ainge has some sneaky moves up his sleeves.)
  • Sorta following that thought, here is an interesting piece from Sports Illustrated’s NBA blog, The Point Forward, about whether or not the C’s should try to deal Rondo.
  • Stevens’ teams made a living on the post and with staunch defense at Butler. I hope that is the type of team that he and Danny Ainge plan to build in Beantown.
  • Stevens is a young-looking 36-year-old.
  • I bet people are going to compare Stevens to Rick Pitino, who is not too popular in Boston these days. It is a good comparison in the sense that they’re both fantastic college coaches and that Pitino, like Stevens, was a hot commodity when he came to Boston. I do feel, however, that Stevens’ more easy-going style should translate beautifully to the pro game. I also don’t think Stevens will ever come to close the genius of Pitino’s “walking through that door” speech during press conferences.
  • I remain incredulous as to how nobody has hired Lionel Hollins. The dude is a hell of a coach.


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5 responses to “Reacting To The Stevens Hire

  1. Seeing how Stevens interacts with a difficult player like Rajon Rondo should be interesting. And the NBA season is twice as long as the college season, so Stevens will need to get used to that.

    And Lionel Hollins asking price may be too high. But we’ve seen this before with Mike Woodson after the Hawks didn’t re-sign him as head coach. He did a good job with the Hawks, but had to become an assistant with the Knicks before getting another chance as a head coach.

    • I agree totally about Stevens. Although I still wonder if Rondo will be dealt.

      Great point with Woodson, but I would point out that Woodson was fired from ATL because his teams didn’t do anything in the playoffs. The Hollins firing was stranger–grizz had a great season this year and made a run in the playoffs. It will be interesting to see what happens with Lionel.

      • Woodson wasn’t fired, his contract expired and the Hawks didn’t re-sign him, but they hired his assistant Larry Drew to replace him. This is trend going on around the NBA. Instead of re-signing your current coach at an expensive salary, teams are going cheaper with inexpensive coaches.

  2. Yeah, you’re right–but Hollins did a really good job with memphis this year, which was what made the whole situation. Woodson left atl on a low, hollins left memphis on a high if you know what i mean.

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