Movie Review: The Lone Ranger

Switching things up from our usual sports coverage, today I’d like to write my first movie review for the blog. Enjoy!

While consuming copious amounts of popcorn and Sprite, I viewed the new Johnny Depp-Gore Verbinski-Jerry Bruckheimer movie, The Lone Ranger, last night. And I was not disappointed.

As one might expect, the movie feels quite a bit like a Pirates of the Caribbean 5, combining constant action and a story brimming with eccentric characters and silly dialogue. Ranger also makes little doubt that, despite its title, Johnny Depp’s Tonto is the star of the show. It is a good thing too; Tonto is far more entertaining that Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger, who does get more fun once he accepts his Lone Ranger role near the end of the film.

The Lone Ranger succeeds spectacularly in all the areas you would expect. The action is terrific and, with the exception of some less than convincing CGI bunnies, the special effects are too. Depp manages to amuse and delight as Tonto. Tom Wilkinson delivers as a ruthless railroad tycoon. And the film’s final twenty are so exciting as to make the viewer forget some of its flaws.

Ranger does have its issues. I found myself bored by lengthy early scenes of exposition, and the plot as a whole is pretty messy and overstuffed. But, in the end, The Lone Ranger is as good as campy action films get.

Depp is on his game, and the shots of the American Southwest are breathtaking. And the film’s finale is explosive.

Score: 4/5



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4 responses to “Movie Review: The Lone Ranger

  1. I wanted to have a good time with this one, I really did, but it just never came together for me. Good review Tim.

  2. I love westerns, and I grew up a fan the old Lone Ranger television serial from the 50’s I think. So I’ll probably catch this later this week. It seems to be bombing at the box office though. The movie I’m really looking forward to is Pacific Rim.

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