Celebrating One Year of College Sports Town


It was on this day one year ago that I decided to create the blog, and it has been a hell of a year. It took a while to get things rolling (heck, I didn’t even write my first real post for the blog until September 24th), but eventually things did start to roll. Harvardfan94 joined the blog on March 1st, DBC482 joined on March 18th, we hit the 100 post mark on June 4th, and samf95 wrote his first post for the blog on June 16th.

Year One of College Sports Town saw baseball previews, bold predictions, love letters to Big Apple B-ball, and even some poetry. In our first year the blog got over 9,000 views from 66 countries and we would like to thank those who come and check out the blog (that is you!!)  as we look forward to year two of College Sports Town.

It should be a great second year and we hope you follow along as the blog continues to grow.




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4 responses to “Celebrating One Year of College Sports Town

  1. Congratulations on one year Tim! Fan on Fire is coming up on two years in a few weeks.

  2. Farewhetherfan


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