All-Star Game Reflections

Last night, the 84th annual All-Star Game occurred in front of an unusually packed and electric Citi Field. I was lucky enough to be one of the 45,186 baseball fans in attendance, and I’ve decided to write a post detailing some significant moments in this year’s Midsummer Classic.

  • The pre-game festivities were well done, and there were attractions all over the ballpark. I didn’t check them out, but judging by the crowds around them, they were well-liked. This is the first All-Star game I have attended, but I imagine there haven’t been many much better than this one. It’s rare that I say this, but good job, Wilpons!
  • Tom Terrific still can through the ball over the plate, it just needs to be a couple steps closer. Good job, Franchise!
  • As a Mets fan, I would have been ecstatic to see Matt Harvey‘s first All-Star appearance no matter how it went. Harvey, after allowing a leadoff double to Mike Trout and hitting Robinson Cano (more on that later), settled down, struck out Miguel Cabrera and Jose Bautista, and walked off the field to a raucous standing ovation. May this be the first of many All-Star appearances, Matt!
  • As soon as the ball slammed into Robinson Cano’s quad, a buzz came over the ballpark. Yankee fans booed, Red Sox fans hid smiles, and Mets fans were conflicted over the whole situation. Watching the replays, I couldn’t help but speculate that Harvey had pre-determined the entire situation, as the ball appeared to hit Cano exactly in the the side of the knee. According to this article, however, maybe not.
  • Opposing Matt Harvey, Max Scherzer pitched a 1-2-3 first inning that kicked off a stellar night of pitching for the American League. Allowing only three hits, the AL pitchers shut down a lineup full of some of the best hitters in baseball.
  • David Wright played well, going 1-3 with a nice single that accounted for one of the three hits. Like on regular days at Citi Field, David was most of the offense.
  • Although I think Chris Sale probably deserved it more, Mariano Riveria’s MVP performance was moving. I hate the Yankees, yet even I had to applaud Mo as he ran onto an empty field as the chords of “Enter Sandman” blared above him. Congrats, Mariano (although remember this happened your last real game at Citi Field)!


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9 responses to “All-Star Game Reflections

  1. The Harvey strikeout of Miggy was ridiculous.

  2. What do you think about All-Star Chris Davis, Tim? You think he’s juicing?

  3. Jack

    Remember THIS happened at his last REAL game against the Mets

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