Thoughts From a Humid Day at Fenway

I finally made my first visit of the season to Fenway Park today to take in a game between baseball’s two best offensive teams, the Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers. The weather was less than ideal, humid and in the low 80s, but the threat of rain never materialized into anything more than the occasional drizzle, and the game was played without delay. Despite playing without their best (and MLB’s best) player, the injured Miguel Cabrera (I was pretty bummed I didn’t get to see him play),  the Tigers were able to grab a 3-0 road win. Here are a few of my rambling thoughts from my vantage point in Loge Box 133:

  • Doug Fister, who got the start for the Tigers, had it working. The formidable Sox lineup had no answer for Fister (or his curve
    Doug Fister pitched a gem.

    Doug Fister pitched a gem for the Tigers.

    ball, which was an absolute weapon today) and Fister managed to escape trouble by forcing the Red Sox into some well timed double plays. He logged seven innings, allowing four hits, four walks, and no runs.

  • Sweet Caroline was a bit flat today. It is never as good during day games as night games (I attribute this to the relative lack of inebriated fans during day baseball), but today’s Sweet Caroline was especially weak. But hey, the Tigers’ dugout seemed pretty into it. In fact, they seemed to be having a grand old time the whole day.
  • TV doesn’t add anything to Mike Napoli’s beard. It’s just as wonderful in person.
  • Ortiz still looks a bit lost at the plate. Papi had a rough month of August and he really struggled near the end of the month, at one point going 22 at bats without a hit. He seemed to be breaking out of his funk this weekend against the White Sox, knocking in six runs and grabbing five hits in three games against Chicago, but he didn’t look good today. He grounded out weakly his first AB, popped one up his second time up, and grounded out again his third time out. His fourth at bat, well, I’ll get to that in my next thought.
  • Bruce Rondon, the Tigers’ 22 year old Venezuelan reliever,  is ridiculous. Not human. He came into the game in the eighth and recorded two outs, both by way of the K. The second came against David Ortiz, who, at one point in his at bat, saw Rondon deliver consecutive 103 mph heaters. Bonkers.
  • I don’t care for those “I root for Boston and whoever beats New York” shirts. It’s like they forget that there are two baseball teams in NYC… #sadmetsfan
  • The concessions still suck at Fenway. It’s also still the coolest place in the world to see a baseball game.


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  1. This article was both interesting and hilarious x)

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