World Series: Bring on the Errors

Pete Kozma made two errors in game one.

Pete Kozma made two errors in game one.

During the regular season, the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals were both very solid defensive teams. Both teams finished in the top ten in the Majors in fielding percentage (fourth and eighth respectively).

The last two nights, however, have been defensive disasters for the Sox and Cards. In game one of the World Series on Wednesday night, the Cardinals committed three errors (not including this defensive disaster) as the Red Sox (who made an error too) won 8-1. Then, last night, the Red Sox allowed two runs on a play in which they made a pair of errors (a missed catch by Jarrod Saltalamacchia followed by an errant throw by Craig Breslow). The Cardinals went on to win 4-2.

In total, seven errors have been committed in the two games. Seven errors in eighteen innings! I went to a 20 inning game in June between the Mets and Marlins in which there was not a single error!

But you know what? I like it like this.

Bloopers and misplays are fun and bring excitement to a sport that, well, isn’t all that exciting. With the NFL and college football competing with the Fall Classic for views, it is hard to keep the TV on Fox all night long. But the errors have brought some thrills to these two World Series games. While David Ortiz’s majestic home runs might be the best reason to tune in, the errors have helped make two relatively stale games a bit more fun. And there still have been some great defensive plays. (Carlos Beltran’s robbery of  a would-be David Ortiz home run in game one being the best.)

So, while you wouldn’t think that the Red Sox’ and Cardinals’ defensive troubles are likely to last, I won’t be complaining if they do.


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