Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It’s Thanksgiving day and we have plenty to be thankful for here at College Sports Town. Thanksgiving

We’re thankful that college basketball season has returned, bringing us new stars like Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and Julius Randle and the return of old friends such as Doug McDermott and Russ Smith. We’re thankful that Boston has a top 25 quality college basketball team again, thanks to Tommy Amaker at Harvard.

We’re thankful for what promises to be a terrific ending to the college football season, with Alabama, Florida State, and Ohio State all hoping to find their way into the National Championship Game. We’re thankful for Andre Williams, Boston College’s steamroller of a running back who runs like he has a Super Mario invincibility star.

We’re thankful that the NBA is back. Lebron James is putting up ridiculous stat lines, Damian Lillard and the Trail Blazers are emerging, and Jason Kidd is gettin’ creative.

Most of all we’re thankful for you, our readers, for checking out our blog, reading our posts, and commenting! We hope you have a great holiday.


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  1. cooperatty@aol.com

    And we, your readers, are thankful for. The College Sports Town blog! Enjoy your holiday!
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