Saturday College Hoops Picks

This Saturday’s slate of college basketball games is downright delightful. It’s one of those days where you should be able to turn on the telly at any time from noon to midnight and flip on a pretty great game. SO, I’ve decided to scribble down some predictions for some of the best games. Who knows, some of them might even be right.

Will Chaz Williams and the Minutemen go down for the first time this year?

Will Chaz Williams and the Minutemen go down for the first time this year?

Kansas 68, Georgetown 55: Here’s another toughey on Kansas’ extraordinarily difficult non-conference slate. The Hoyas play a pretty tough out-of-conference  schedule too and have already logged wins over VCU and Kansas State. But, honestly, when does Kansas ever lose in Phog Allen Fieldhouse?

Kentucky 69, Belmont 64: Kentucky does have some nice wins, but they’ve yet to log a super-impressive victory. Look for the diaper dandies of Lexington to add another to their list of nice wins in this game.

Florida State 84, UMass 78: On one hand, I feel like the Minutemen are the better team. On the other hand, Florida State’s at home and is coming off an incredibly impressive 106-62 win over Charlotte. I’m just going with my gut on this pick, but it should be a heck of a game.

Gonzaga 85, Kansas State 67: Big difference here: K-State has offensive issues and the Zags don’t.

Michigan State 70, Texas 65: While the end result was only a narrow win, the Longhorns soundly outplayed UNC at the Dean Dome on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Michigan State enters this game banged up. For Texas to beat UNC and MSU back-to-back would be bananas. I guess I’m not quite bold enough to call for that.

Missouri 73: Illinois 68: Missouri won this matchup in one of the great early season games of last year. Repeat time?

Ohio State 77, Notre Dame 73: I just love watching this Ohio State team. They’re absolutely relentless defensively. Notre Dame is a great offensive team–they share the ball like few teams in the nation and score efficiently. This should be an awesome offense vs. defense matchup.

Marquette 63, New Mexico 57: Marquette has not met expectations early this season. But they have looked a bit better in their past two games–a pair of comically one-sided blowouts against IUPUI and Ball State. Look for the Golden Eagles to take care of business against the Lobos.

Oklahoma State 76, Colorado 70: It is hard not to love both of these teams. This should be great late night top-20 action. Look for Marcus Smart to explode–he’s been fairly quiet for the Cowboys lately.


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