Our Dream Dunk Contest

With the NBA season nearing its halfway point, it’s time to begin thinking about All-Star festivities. Sure, the game itself is always entertaining, but the crown jewel of All-Star Weekend is…or at least once was… the Slam Dunk Contest. Since 1976, when Dr. J took off from the free throw line to win the ABA Slam Dunk Contest, jamapaloozas have made legend of the feats of men like Vince Carter, Nate Robinson, and Blake Griffin.

In the past couple of years, sadly, the Slam Dunk Contest has lost most of its flavor. Jeremy Evans and Terrence Ross won the last two dunk contests amid mild enthusiasm. The dunk contest has gone from bodacious to boRING, and it saddens us deeply here at College Sports Town. Ultimately, the root of the problem is that the league’s most entertaining dunkers are not always finding their way into the contest. So, we sat down and thought about which players could bring the contest back to the glorious highs of its heyday.  And we decided to limit our contest to four participants; last year’s six person field was excessively large. Here are the four guys we’d like to see in a contest–this represents the official College Sports Town dream dunk contest field:

Terrence Ross

Yes, a bit contradictory, considering that we just said there was little excitement over his victory last year. Ross is an exciting young player, however, and has incredible dunking ability. The former Washington Husky was the eighth overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft and he is only 22 years old, and he has a lot of potential. Ross doesn’t play great defense, but he is explosive and can shoot well. He is cut from the same cloth as J.R. Smith or Swaggy P (Nick Young, for the uninitiated). In this contest, however, the only thing that matters is how well you can dunk, and Ross. Can. Dunk. The reigning champ deserves a chance to defend his crown, and he would hold his own among this hallowed group.

Ross won the dunk contest last year with this agile slam over a young fan.

Ross won the dunk contest last year with this agile slam over a young fan.

Reggie Jackson

Reggggggggggieeeeee! Jackson, a former Boston College Eagle, is a favorite of ours at College Sports Town, and he’s a leaper. In fact, he was recently seen throwing down on Amar’e Stoudemire on Christmas day. Jackson, who is once again starting for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the place of the injured Russ Westbrook, has been doing things like this and this going all the way back to his college days on the Heights. Reggie is an absurdly gifted dunker, and we’re sure he’d add some memorable dunks to our dream dunk contest.

Reggie throwing down a ferocious one-handed jam.

Reggie throwing down a ferocious one-handed slam.

LeBron James

It’s almost criminal that the best basketball player in the universe, the 6’8” robust dynamo that is King James, has never participated in the dunk contest. This pick is the easiest and most obvious that we are presenting in this post–the man that dunks “with no regard for human life” is a must in any dream dunk contest. He even makes dunk contest slams in games! And we tend to think that LeBron would be the favorite in our dream dunk contest as well.

King James would bring his regal flair to this hypothetical dunkathon.

King James would bring his regal flair to this hypothetical dunkathon.

Gerald Green

Since getting drafted with the 18th pick in the 2005 draft by the Celtics, Gerald Green has not had the smoothest career. He’s played in the D-League, Russia, and China, and made NBA stops in Minnesota, Houston, Dallas, New Jersey (where he threw down this impossible windmill), and Indiana. The good news is that Green is in the NBA right now, playing for the Phoenix Suns and playing well. He’s averaging a career high 13 points per game for a Suns team that has shocked just about everybody by winning 19 of their first 31 games. Green is a seasoned vet when it comes to the dunk contest, as he won a memorable 2007 contest, took part in the ‘08 contest (when he did this), and was a  contestant in the ‘13 contest. Sadly, Gerald says his dunk contest days are over, but that doesn’t matter in our dream contest.

He may not don the Celtic green any more, but Gerald still soars.

He may not don the Celtic green any more, but Gerald still soars.



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5 responses to “Our Dream Dunk Contest

  1. elizabeth

    Good post — even for an uninformed NBA follower like me!

  2. Tony Sparber

    Blake Griffin needs to be in this group next to Lebron probably the top high flyer in the league would not mind seeing Dwight Howard in there as well.

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