Manny Tracker: Manny Signed by Cubs

It’s five days before Manny Ramirez’s 42nd birthday, but the kid who grew up in Washington Heights and went on to become a baseball legend got an early birthday present. Man-Ram signed a deal to join the Chicago Cubs’ Triple-A affiliate as a player-coach. Cue celebration.

Manny's back. Tell a friend.

Manny’s back. Tell a friend.

This is shocking to me in two ways. First, they signed him as a…player-coach? What? This isn’t the NBA in the 1960s. And Manny as a coach? We LOVVVVVVE Manuel, but do you trust this guy coaching up the kids that represent the Cubs’ future?

But let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth. Manny’s back! Which is awesome. And the whole player-coach component makes it, well, awesome-er. Cubs GM Theo Epstein has brought the sport’s most entertaining character back. Epstein says he did not sign Manny with the intention of calling him up to the bigs–his main role will be in mentoring–but that’s good enough for now.

The news also keeps our dream of a Manny-to-the-Mets deal alive. After all, the Mets are batting .233 with a SLG of .352 this year. Manny couldn’t hurt…could he???

To complete the celebration, here’s a clip of the most casual baseball ejection ever, starring none other than Manny.



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